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The Institute of Living Food

Fiskön kurssikeskus

A Christian healing center for the body, mind and soul.

KURSSIOHJELMA 30.6.-25.7.2008(in finnish)

... to relax

To give you a chance to relax from all stress and worries, the institute is situated on a peaceful island, in one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos. At the institute you have time to rest, but also to participate in different activities.

In the mornings hours you have a wonderful possibility of walking or jogging. Our institute can offer a recreation area of 150 acres, and a 3 km long shore.

Inside the institute you will also find different ways to refresh and relax yourself . Besides a sauna, you can enjoy a massage in our whirlpool. We have also a solarium at your disposal. You can play table tennis or use our fitness equipment.

We will make boating excursions together, to the beautiful untouched archipelago. In the wintertime we have sightseeing tours by car. You may rent a bicycle, boat or skis. You can also enjoy our music and entertainment evenings. (This should be "our music and entertainment in the evenings" or "our music and evening entertainment". If both are in the evening only, then the first choice should be used.)

... to enjoy

Our delicious lunch and dinner tables are a pleasure for both the eye and the stomach. The fresh meals are prepared of pure and fresh vegetables, sprouted seeds, grains, nuts, and fruits. Everything is eaten as fresh as possible - nothing is destroyed by cooking.

The Living Food Program is the result of 40 years research into nutrition and health. The diet is full of life and energy. It is easy for the body to digest and assimilate.

Before and in between the meals you can make yourself green drinks in our juice bar from different kinds of vegetables, greens and especially from the wheat grass which is full of renewing energy. You can also choose a shorter or a longer program of fasting, with these green drinks. One day a week we all fast together.

"By giving our bodies the Living Food Diet, our bodies will heal themselves", says Dr. Ann Wigmore. She founded the Hippocrates Health Institute of Living Food over 30 years ago. Since then thousands of people have recovered to health by the Living Food Program. Our institute will cooperate closely with Dr. Ann Wigmore and the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

... to learn

At the same time as you experience the positive influence of the program in your body and mind, you will learn the principles of the Living Food. The teaching is both theoretical and practical. In our "Learn By Doing" program we will teach you the principles of Living Food, so that everybody can continue the program at home successfully. You will have classes in the following subjects:

The lectures will be held Monday through Friday. The program consists of 1-2 weeks courses. All the material needed is included in the price. You can also buy literature and different supplies of Living Food at our institute.

... on Åland

The institute is situated in the outer archipelago of Åland. Brändö is a small district with over 1000 islands, but only 500 inhabitants.

Only a few tourists have yet found this place, so we can offer our guests a peaceful and untouched nature. Besides this we also offer you pure spring water, clean air and organic grown vegetables.

You will live comfortably in rooms for 1-3 persons. All the rooms are furnished nice and cozy and each room has its own bathroom with shower or bidet-shower. In the basement is the sauna with showers. There you will also find the whirlpool and the solarium.

On the first floor is our lecture- and exercise room, dining room, library, teaching kitchen and juice bar.

Our institute can receive 20 guests at a time and is open from April to October.

Good connections

Even though the institute is situated on an island in the middle of the ocean, there are daily connections both from Sweden and Finland. The Sweden-Finland boat departs from Stockholm daily to the main island of Åland. From there is a local boat connection To Brändö, where our institute is situated.

Welcome to our Institute

We who are working at the institute have already several years of experience with Living Food, and some of us have studied at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. We speak Swedish, Finnish and English. We will do our best to make your stay with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. If you want more information about the institute or want to make reservation, please call us or write to the following address:

The Institute of Living Food on Åland Ltd
Fiskön kurssikeskus

22930 Fiskö
Phone +358-400-573013
Pankki: Helsingin OP Pankki 572023-291501
Eila Vuokila, Peltotie 13 B 02730 ESPOO
Phone +358-41-4351003, S-posti:


Prices include complete food and lodging, lectures and course material. Students and retirees receive an additional 10% reduction, as well as persons who have previously participated in courses.

   5 days  extra day and night
3 pers. room wc/shower
270 €
50 €
2 pers. room wc/bidé
300 €
55 €
2 pers. room wc/shower
345 €
60 €
1 pers. room/bidé
390 €
70 €
1 pers. room wc/shower
425 €
75 €
2 pers. cottage/no comforts and heating
240 €
40 €
1 pers. cottage/no comforts and heating
55 €
without quartering
175 €
25 €


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